Safety Policies

At J&S Food and Beverage Ltd., we see sound and responsible environmental, health and safety (EHS) management as an integral part of achieving our goal to grow the value of our food businesses for our shareowners. We aim to ensure that in the course of our business activities we not only minimize our impact on the environment; but also look after the health and safety interests of our employees; in addition to seeking opportunities to improve the local environment and the communities in which we operate.

� Maintain and continually improve systems to manage our EHS responsibilities, establishing and ensuring employee accountability for our EHS performance at all levels of the organization.
� Conduct our business in compliance with environmental, health and safety laws and with our global standards, and regularly assess the compliance of our operations against these requirements.
� Set clear targets for continual improvement in our EHS performance and monitor these targets to ensure that they are met.
� Strive to prevent pollution and to minimize the environmental costs and impacts of our global operations.
� Provide a safe and healthy environment for our employees, contractors and other visitors to our sites.
� Assess and eliminate or control the EHS risks of new and existing operations, and continually assess the environmental performance of our products, seeking ways to contribute positively to their performance.
� Train and motivate our employees to understand their EHS responsibilities and to participate actively in our EHS programs.
� Work with our supply chain and business partners to improve our collective EHS performance, to protect the ecosystems that provide our raw materials and to minimize the impacts of transportation.
� Communicate with our shareowners, employees, customers and other interested parties by regularly reporting on our EHS performance and maintaining an open dialogue.
� Review and update this policy regularly.

As a food processor we have a legal, commercial and moral obligation to ensure good standards of food hygiene are maintained, comply with all legal requirements and safe for their intended use. All necessary steps will be taken throughout processing to ensure food safety, quality and fulfillment of customer expectations are maintained.

This is achievable through management of our HACCP system, which involves a systematic assessment of each step in the production process. This incorporates proactive and preventative control of raw materials, processing activities, and the processing environment.

The company is committed to providing adequate resources including equipment, personnel facilities and training, to ensure the highest possible standards in the running of Finlay's Food.

Quality management and practice is recognized by the company as a means of monitoring due diligence and serving the needs of its customers, employees and owners.