Types of Rice

1. Aromatic rice:

Bangladeshi aromatic rice is originated in Bangladesh. There are two types of aromatic rice available in BD: Kalizira, Chinigura. When cooked these rice is soft and flavourerd. Normally in the earlier stage fragrant rice was cooked for special occasion. Its colour is fresh white.

2. Minicate Rice:

For Daily food of Bangladeshi people Minicate rice is most common and special. When it cooks becomes soft and testy. It is originated from Zira paddy, in the season of May Jun. It is produce in North side in Bangladesh specially Kustia, Dinajpur, Bogra, Rangpur and many other District.

3. Jira Shail:

Its one of the common rice of Boro item. Thin long grain rice is soft and contains huge calorie. Noagaon, Rajshahi, Dinajpur is the Based area of production of these rice. July and August is the best time to cultivate this rice.

4. BR-28:

In Bangladesh everywhere we may get this rice. Maximum people like this rice for availability and price. Middle region of Bangladesh mostly produce this rice. May Jun is the best season to produce this rice.

5. Guti/Guti Sharna:

Common people use it commonly. Especially for its production cost. Brown colour of this rice is most favourite for people.